It is true. I am a yoga teacher as well, with a history in bodywork. I have worked with all sorts of different folks. Musicians, Athletes, Dancers, the Younger, and the Older.

Private yoga/pilates sessions and small group classes are available.

I am available as a health and wellness guide/teacher for bands on tour. I have lent my services to members of Melvins, Deerhoof, Liars, No Age, Erase Errata, Orthrelm, Thrones, and Ariel Pink

“Give Me Three Weeks” program is available also. This is an intensive for an individual or a duo. It combines yoga, pilates, hands-on work, writing exercises, nutritional advice, and counseling. Not for the faint of heart, but it’s an incredible way to kickstart a life that needs a jump or ground one that’s stressed out.


Experimental dance class influenced by modern, ballet, under/overground tunes, yoga, pilates, and the latest.

Kids Yoga

For all the same reasons yoga is good for you, it's good for the kids.
Most of them are pretty bendy, but you'd be surprised at how tight they can be, too.
They especially like to OM.

Project KidVid

Afterschool program for the younger set.
I show them how to use the video camera and they show me they already know how to.
We also work on stop motion animation, interviews, writing scripts, directing, acting and using our imaginations to make stories come alive on camera.

Loop Girls

After Anna O and I went to teach at Southern Girls Rock n Roll Camp (yea Kelley!), the Oxygen returned the next summer with Loop Girls for the young girls of Washington. Loop Girls is a two-week camp where the girls learn to create a song or two the 1st week, and then learn to make videos to the songs the 2nd week. In summer 3, Anna and I once again joined forces. We are now interested in spreading the good times; if you'd like us to teach a camp in your city/state/ country, give a holler.

Future Class

I'm especially interested in working with a small group of teenage girls for a 3-6 month period 2-3x/week after school. we would collaborate together through a process of writing, perhaps choreographing, shooting, and scoring the script. and collaborating on a film together. If you know of any grants or sponsers that would support such a thing, please send info my way.