2005 "show C: copenhagen" (Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre)

A play between memory, thought and lost recollections. The first moment we meet someone. The length of line between meeting and knowing. Crossing over the line between knowing and interrelating. Copenhangen has the answers and seeks to find the questions.

Choreographed, Written and Danced by : Lindsay Beamish, Jane Paik, Jade Sealey.

2005 version : Lindsay Beamish, Katie Eastburn, Busy Gagnes, Jane Paik.

with additional choreography by: Katie Eastburn and Busy Gagnes

Featuring music by: Jane, Lindsay, Ray Sweeten, the Blow, Boredoms, and the Amsterdam String Quartet

2003 "CA: CaLiFoRNia" (solo with Alex Maslansky)

Taking its cues from the Black Dhalia, the Pacific Ocean, and growing up in the land of Los Angeles, "CA: California" explores the relationship between perpretrator and victim, insular experiences, longing, and disappearance.

All words and music by : Alex Maslansky and Jane Paik.

Choregraphed and Danced by: Jane Paik

2002 "show B: blackenblue" (Janet Pants Dans Theeatre)

Interspersing the ease of expression with the rough cut of two minds in love and opposition, "blackenblue" sends us through the scope of a psychological inquiry and hypnosis scraping inside dream states, questionnaires, and interrogation to see where the tension lies.

Choreographed, Written, and Danced by: Lindsay Beamish, Katie Eastburn, Jane Paik

Featuring music by: Jane, Katie, Lindsay, Melinda Moran, Mt. Sims, Found Tape, UT, and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks

2002 "show A: assemblage" (Janet Pants Dans Theeatre)

Likened to being on a roller coaster, "assemblage" offered up a non-stop platter of solos, duets, and trios ranging from a silent car ride interrupted by a burst from the backseat, an homage to musicals of yesteryear, forays into the sounds of singing, sighing, and talking, to turning the dance inside out and onto the audience.

Choreographed and Written by: Lindsay Beamish, Katie Eastburn, Jane Paik

Featuring music by: Numbers, Solid Eye, Long Hinds Legs, Frank Sinatra, Meredith Monk, and the Centimeters