Janet Pants was born for a performance in 1997 at the "Old" Smell (North Hollywood, RIP) alongside fellow musician/dancers Mia Doi Todd, Knansie Saundercock (Polar Goldie Cats), and Boaz.

She scuttled along on tours throughout the US with LA underground legends, the Centimeters. One of the few bands she claimed could “really make me dance.” Obscuring the line between performer and audience member, she danced to, for, and with the band and the crowds. Note: it was NOT go-go dancing

2001 saw a collaboration with W.A.C.O. (Wild Acoustic Chamber Orchestra) for the 2 part ballet “The Selfish Giant” based on the story by Oscar Wilde. Conceived and Composed by Steve Gregoropoulos (W.A.C.O., Lavender Diamond), Directed and Choreographed by JP. 20 trained and untrained dancers and a live 11-piece orchestra took storm to stage and hoisted a spectacle.

It was for the show at the Historical Downtown Palace, that the Janet Pants Dans Theeatre was born. After the large scale production of the Selfish Giant, things got scaled down to a sextet. Still playing with larger theatrical stagings, JP helped produce and direct “The Palace Show.” This inaugural performance of the re-opening of the theater that housed such legends as the Marx Brothers, W.C Fields, Sarah Bernhardt and Harry Houdini included JPDT, Meatcake comic artist Dame Darcy’s “Isabelle, the Hungriest Filly" and was MC’d by Wasted Angels.

Always wanting to continue her addiction for touring and bring dans to the DIY scene of punk clubs, basements and living rooms, JP had the great fortune to fall into place with two like-minded dancer/musician/actors – Katie Eastburn (Young People) and Lindsay Beamish (Shortbus) who were willing and able to go along for the ride. It was in this form that Janet Pants Dans Theeatre solidified. Though the troupe and the earliest works were conceived and directed by JP, the shows were a collaborative effort of choreography, music, costumes, words, and visuals. In an effort to reflect the group work, JPDT eventually morphed into the Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre.

Current incarnation of Janet Pants can best be described as "part band, part dans" with JP being backed by drummer Ron Burns (Swell, ex-Smog) and Brian Mumford (Dragging an Ox through Water) with additional guitar appearances by Tara Jane O'Neil. Also, magic guest dance appearances by Heather Treadway (Paper Doll Fashion, Explode Into Colors).